Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We get these all the time, so figured we would save you some trouble.

How many people can your Event Venue accommodate?

The Hot Springs Event Center can comfortably hold about 200 people.

Do you have tables and chairs at your Venue?

Yes! We have tables and Chairs for up to 80 people.

Can I decorate the Venue for my event?

Of course you can! We just ask that no permanent changes to the building be made.

Do you have coordinators that can help me plan and decorate your Venue?

Yes, we do! Just let us know ahead of time, and we will set you up with the coordinator/decorator who is right for you!

Is Alcohol permitted at your Venue?

Yes, but strictly on a BYOB basis.

Does your Event Venue have audio/visual equipment?

Yes! We have a fully-equipped sound system, with a closed-circuit Television system to match. We also offer free wifi!